Experience success with us.

Much like the user experiences we design for you, we believe in keeping things simple.


We also apply this to our own work ethic by following three basic rules: Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication. This trifecta (or “The Rule of Cs,” as we like to call it) provides us with the keys to consistent, high-quality products and solutions that work.

When we collaborate we work side-by-side with you from concept to creation. We involve you throughout the most integral stages of the project to ensure that the final outcome reflects your vision. Our creativity plays a central role in every roadmap that we build and helps us lay the foundation for your success. And, finally, our consistent and regular communication means that there are never any surprises; what you see is exactly what you get. These three key elements combined make us a reliable and desirable choice for organizations that are already deeply entrenched in the digital landscape and understand the need for faster, better, and smarter solutions.

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Larry Faragalli

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Faragalli is Brightly’s Founder and CEO. He’s dedicated to helping clients reach greater heights with thoughtful strategy, compelling design, and cutting-edge technology. For over 20 years, Larry has been a passionate advocate of usable, results-driven solutions for complex business problems—as a designer and technologist working in agencies, corporations, consultancies, and higher education.

Larry is also a committed advocate of the arts, having supported and served various organizations and related boards over the years and and strives to enable the continued growth of culture and creativity in Michigan and beyond.

Duane Tursi

Duane Tursi


Duane Tursi is Brightly’s President. He has over 20 years of experience leveraging strategy and technology to solve complex business challenges. Duane is also an innovator of digital disruption drivers across industries and an evangelist of technology’s role in enabling digital transformation. He is especially passionate about strategy, M&A, business development, product development, software design & development, business process optimization, financial management, and IT infrastructure.

Marion Siebert

Managing Director, Experience Design

Marion Siebert is Brightly’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Experience Design. She drives the company’s aesthetic principles, serves as head of production, and plays a key role in project strategy and implementation. A  consummate adventurer and worldwide traveler, Marion is an experienced designer, team leader, and director with top-tier training and education that includes The School of the Art Institute of Chicago; Pondicherry University in Puducherry, India; Kingston University in London; and Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Before co-founding Brightly, Marion put her leadership and design skills to use in both higher education and the private sector. She has also served on the faculty at Grand Valley State University.

The future is bright.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Marion SiebertView Marion Siebert's Bio

Managing Director, Experience Design

Collaboration, creativity, & communication.

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Collaboratively Creative

We thrive on our creative diversity. Our interdisciplinary team is composed of experts from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, each with their own set of skills and capabilities.

It’s this eclectic collective that makes us nimble, highly adaptive, and uniquely innovative.

Our clients also play a vital role here. From the moment we choose to work with someone, they become an immediate part of our team.  We include our clients in every step of the project process because we understand that it’s their input and inspiration that drive real results.

Always Listening

The foundation for our success always begins with purposeful communication. To us, it’s vital that we genuinely listen to every voice that holds the potential to impact a project. We start with meaningful questions and ensure that our clients are continually heard throughout the entire process.

This makes it easy for us to adapt and evolve with our clients’ needs.

We also keep an ear to the ground in our industry, and in our clients’ industries too. Our active market research and competitive, data-driven mentality allows us to stay ahead of the curve and produce the best possible results for every project we tackle.

Passionately Purposeful

At Brightly, we love what we do and we’re confident that it shows in our work. The proof is in our unique portfolio, where passion for our craft is stamped on every project and is present in every partnership.

We enjoy working with clients who share this sentiment toward their own organizations and we seek to help these companies thrive.

For us, our success is measured through the achievements of our clients. We believe that when we consciously choose to work with other passionate people, the future gets a little bit brighter.

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