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Want a better employee experience? Take a page from the customer experience (CX) playbook

Want a better employee experience?

By now, you’ve likely seen numerous news stories about employee turnover, loaded with the trending terms of the day — most notably, “quiet quitting.” Employees are feeling more empowered than ever to make their voices heard, and for some, knowing how to effectively address the needs of their team may be new territory. 

According to research published by Gartner earlier this year, more than 4.5 million people in the U.S. left their jobs voluntarily in November 2021. Findings like these have more employers revisiting their retention strategies, working tirelessly to implement creative ways to keep their teams intact. While new and innovative incentive programs may be the best path for some, others may be able to repurpose existing ideas and principles they already have in their management toolbox. 

While such an undertaking is easier said than done, there’s an often overlooked road map that can put companies on the path to success when redesigning the employee experience—and that is taking a page from the customer experience (CX) playbook.

In a recently published Forbes article, Brightly CEO and Co-Founder Larry Faragalli discusses how businesses can deploy the very same strategies they use to bolster their customer experience (CX) to build and maintain a happy and thriving workforce. By optimizing processes and reshaping the lens through which they view their employees (hint: employees are users, too), employers may find that the answers to their retention woes may be closer than they think.