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5 big benefits Team as a Service brings to your business

5 big benefits Team as a Service brings to your business

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If you’re new to the idea of Team as a Service (TaaS), you’re in great company. Many organizations don’t realize that this powerhouse of a service is even an option until they unwittingly find themselves smack in the middle of it. Once that happens, the realization is usually a game-changer. Let’s take a look at five big benefits Team as a Service (TaaS) can bring immediately to your business.


Even if you have all the money in the world, you don’t necessarily need to hire a bunch of new employees for a project that isn’t yet fully realized. Maybe you already know that your organization will take on several projects throughout the year but you’re not sure about the specifics. How many team members will you need? How long will each of these projects realistically take? What if you end up under- or over-staffed? These are all questions you can put to bed the moment you take on a contracted team because you can use them as often or as little as needed.

Access to expertise

Most of your digital transformation projects will require specific expertise that may not exist in your current team. Or maybe it does, but that one guy with all the skills is already overworked, overtired, and ready to throw in the towel after spending hours on something that isn’t actually his job. Since Team as a Service (TaaS) team members are already a functional and well-operating team, and are tasked specifically for your projects, the success rate is much higher because you’re not managing people to achieve a deliverable. Rather, you’re managing the scope and quality of the deliverable directly with an already high-performing team. They’ll even work right alongside your existing team as much or as little as you’d like. The point is, you can tap into their knowledge and skills at any point.

Continuous support

Like it or not, in the digital world a product is never truly finished. In order to keep up with user demand and expectations, your organization must continuously evolve. This means staying ahead of the curve by keeping all of your software updated and relevant. This isn’t about following the latest trends, but rather having a skilled and dedicated team at your service to help guide you in making informed decisions that can positively impact your organization. For example, a team that uses design-thinking will help ensure that your software is always relevant and user-friendly. Plus, contracting with a dedicated team is faster than hiring a bunch of new employees who are working together for the first time.

Predictable annual spend

Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding are not only incredibly time-consuming, they’re also expensive (and rarely work right on the first try). Think about the time you lose just ramping up a team. Back-end tasks like this can add a lot of admin overhead. Then, there are the countless hours spent on things like quoting projects on an individual basis. Constantly revisiting these things usually adds about a 25 percent overhead of pure waste. This time is being burned up just going through the formalities of spinning up and down projects.

In reality, you can take the same budget you were going to spend and cash flow it out to a dedicated team of people to stay on your projects, swapping different roles in and out based on what you need at any given moment. This flexible method allows you to achieve all or most of what you’re trying to do, all with a fixed cost.

Less stress

Running a business is already incredibly stressful, but you want most of that to be positive stress (“shoot, we’re growing faster than we planned, now what?!”). Checking off the items outlined above can help immensely in reducing negative work-related stress and will, in turn, make you more motivated to complete the tasks that only you can perform.

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At Brightly, we provide dedicated teams that ensure best practices and processes are custom-tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about whether your business could see benefits from Team as a Service.