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How small businesses and startups can benefit from Team as a Service

Benefit from Team as a Service

There’s a long perpetuated myth that small businesses can’t take advantage of the same success-driving services as their bigger, more established peers, but that’s not exactly the case.

When done thoughtfully, a small business can leverage vital tools and services that can help propel it to the next level.

Team as a Service (TaaS) is an excellent place to start because of the way it allows an organization to instantly expand on its existing team while not over-burdening them to continue their “day job.”

People power your business

As a leader of a small organization, you know how easy it is to get caught up in relying on automated tools. And why shouldn’t you? They’re often cost-effective and won’t burn out at the end of a long day. But let’s be clear that humans and technology are both required to keep your business thriving. In fact, some of your biggest gains will come from the people behind the products and services that you offer, and this is where a dedicated team can be a boon.

By working with a fractional team (in addition to your own) you get a competitive advantage because you get instant access to a group of people who are already expertly trained, experienced, and aligned with your goals. Think about that. You can leverage an entire team and tap into each member’s various skills without having to find all of that knowledge in-house full-time (which can become very expensive very quickly). And because you’re a small business you can already maneuver faster than your larger counterparts (talk about a double-whammy!).

Seeing through the monotony

TaaS members can help address problems that you’re not likely to spot on your own because you’re so caught up in the day-to-day. When you’re in something every day it’s easy to overlook new ideas or different ways of doing things. These folks can also spot opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed, because this is what they spend their time doing. This is how they’re trained. And this is what they enjoy.

It’s likely that your internal team is already on the lookout for innovative solutions and ideas, but they can’t do it continually because it’s not their main job. You hired each person on your team for a specific purpose and the more they’re pulled away from that purpose, the higher their failure rate. A dedicated team, on the other hand, is there to specifically handle those items for you.

Team as a Service is an extension of your own team

Small businesses should look at Team as a Service (TaaS) as an extension of their own team. It’s the people who realize that they don’t have every single tool it takes to scale their business who often succeed because they brought in help when they needed it.

Learn more

Whether you’re in the middle of a complex project or you have no idea where to start, Brighty is here and ready to help you make sense of it. Get in touch to learn more about how TaaS can help scale your business.