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How Team as a Service can save your bottom line

How Team as a Service can save your bottom line

Every business, no matter the industry, has gaps. Gaps that must eventually be filled in order to solve problems, create effective solutions, and push your organization to digital maturity. The problem is, it takes a considerable amount of time and resources to recruit, hire, and train new employees to fill these gaps. Many organizations are now turning to Team as a Service (TaaS) to help combat this pervasive issue.

At a high level, Team as a Service (TaaS) gives you access to a skilled and highly collaborative team that allows you to ramp up and down at will, is far cheaper in the long run which can save your bottom line. This method of software development also allows you to keep a variably sized team in tune with your environment and products in an ongoing fashion, without losing the inherent knowledge that happens when you bounce your employees from project to project.

When you might really need Team as a Service

If your organization lacks the capacity to do the work internally and needs to hire outside help, you need TaaS. As briefly mentioned, bouncing from project to project comes with a lot of lost knowledge and high administrative overhead. It’s nearly impossible to hire a high-performing team in a specialty that your organization doesn’t already have (which will not only cost more in the long run, but sets you up for failure from the start). By being strategic about maintaining a dedicated team, you can decide when to utilize outside expertise for customized solutions and innovations.

An easy-to-understand and fixed budget 

Inevitably, some businesses will have a hard time keeping up with inconsistent, spiking expenses, among other things, but working with a fixed budget helps keep things simple. For executives who manage complex budgets, this is where the real value of TaaS comes into play (here are five other notable benefits).

This specialized service can benefit businesses of all sizes because it operates on a fixed monthly cost. It’s easy to budget and is calibrated around anticipated effort required; TaaS is less bursty (like a project) and more predictable. Its very nature makes it easier to accurately estimate your spending. We can’t tell you how many times our customers have thanked us for this feature.

Since Team as a Service (TaaS) is focused on better planning to accomplish the scope, it also prevents you from having to go back to the well for more money when unanticipated requirements pop up. To put it simply, TaaS means less talk about money, and more time getting things done.

However, if it’s determined that the best solution will put you over budget, TaaS always asks for the green light first. And this approach allows you to choose when the work happens. Bottom line? When the budget increases, it’s always intentional and helps hold everybody accountable.

Team as a Service takes the bite out of a big project 

Costs aside, TaaS brings relief for many business leaders and employees because it immediately takes a bite out of a bigger project. It makes everything feel less overwhelming because you get to see actual pieces of your end product throughout the entire process.

Quarterly business reviews

When you work with a dedicated, external team, it’s important that everyone stays on the same page. At Brightly, we conduct regular business reviews for this reason, because they allow us to better understand what’s coming next. These reviews help your teams see future business challenges, opportunities, and potential pivots.

So, let’s say you’ve got a large project coming that you didn’t initially anticipate. Brightly could look at that and choose to use a portion of Team as a Service (TaaS) to take a bite out of it, or we could just treat it separately as any other project. Basically, on the 15th of every month we say to ourselves, Hey, let’s make sure we get the right resources that you need and have them ready when you need them. 

The takeaway here is that TaaS members are always looking at your needs with tactical execution. They’re designing and assigning the deliverables that you’ve noted as high priority. And they’re checking in regularly to ensure what they’re delivering is always in alignment with your expectations.

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Brightly provides dedicated teams that ensure best practices and processes are tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about whether or not TaaS is a good fit for you.